Hop Little Bunny

Hop little bunny, hop hop hop. My kids used to go MAD for this song. Now it’s all Tiny Tempah and Katy B. Oh how time flies when you’re cheffing, chauffering, nursing, air stewardessing, teaching and personal shopping for your kids! BUT we can still celebrate the bunny as it is very much in fashion this season. At floor level. Here are my top picks!


First up – when I first set eyes on these Ocra boots, I could barely breathe. You. Need. These. £93.82 Smallable.

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Customise Those Kids Kicks – Free!

You know how it goes. It’s time to leave. You’re late. The kids are not listening. Your husband is getting irritated. You’re screaming. At everyone. The kids come downstairs. Then you need to lace their shoes. Aaaaaaaaargh. It’s not pretty. But stop. Rewind. I have a solution. Not, it’s not divorce – but rather laces that pretty much lace themselves. Nice. Look here…


Say hello to U-Lace. Each U-Lace spans a single set of sneaker eyelets and easily snaps in. Did you know that kids spend an average of 7-10 minutes lacing sneakers?? But that’s not the only good thing about these.

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Mummy and Me – Bomber Jackets

If it’s good enough for Saint Laurent, it’s good enough for our kids. But of course at a fraction of the price. I’m chatting about the humble bomber jacket.


Here are my top picks for kids!

So as Autumn wraps its cold self around you and your kids – wrap up Saint Laurent style and get busy with bomber jackets.

Exclusive Interview with Pearl Lowe

Oh I do love to chat, and my favourite kind of chat is about kids fashion.  Especially with people who know what they are talking about.

exclusive video interview pearl lowe kids fashion harrods

Pearl Lowe is not only a mother of 4 – which pretty-much makes you a kids fashion expert – she’s also an established womenswear designer, having designed bespoke dresses and a full line of womens and kids fashion for a high street retailer.

exclusive video interview pearl lowe kids fashion harrods

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