Swinging Made Cool

Tut tut. Dirty minds and all that. This is the other type of swinging. Well, swurfing. Surf’s up guys! Not in a wet, ocean, LA way, but in the comfort of your own garden. I bring you, the Swurfer

swurfer garden swing kids summer weekend fun

Here it is in full action mode. How needed is this????

Invented by a surfer, the Swurfer reinvents the garden swing by giving it more power, more moves, and basically making it a lot more fun. Oh, and it don’t look half bad neither!

swurfer garden swing kids summer weekend fun

So for all you conservative types, fear not, it can be used as a normal swing or for those more adventurous types it’s a crazy swinging surf board. And for us mothers out there, let’s call this the best thing to happen to the core strength that withered away so badly during our pregnancies.

swurfer garden swing kids summer weekend fun

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Just remember though, it’s not swinging, it’s Swurfing. Get busy! From $129 plus tax and shipping The Rob Company.

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