Mon Petit Art

Parlez-vous Francais? Oui? Non? Doesn’t matter. What I have to say is the the universal language of fun, play and kids. Regardez…….Mon Petit Art  make construction toys, arts entertainment, fun stationery and decorative objects in limited editions and oh so beautifully.

Habitadule – by monpetitart

Check this building set. Now – I have bought similar things for my girls but they are small and to play WITH. These are big and to play WITH and IN! So cool. Your kids can build themselves a playhouse, a puppet theatre, a shop, a restaurant, a spaceship – basically whatever their imagination desires.

Mon Petit Art Kids Construction Kit
Red Set - Habitadule Architect
Mon Petit Art Kids Construction Kit
Blue Set - Habitadule Architect

Made from rigid cardboard 45cm x 45cm interlocking panels in either red or blue with pop colour spots. Now, you can release their inner architect stylishly! Available from Mon Petit Art for €75.



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