So let’s play pretend. Imagine you’re married to an Oligarch. You have several homes, and staff, and boats, and all the stores know you by your first name. Get the picture? Then this….is a reality for you….ooooooh I LOVE this Dedon Nestrest. I first clapped eyes on it a couple of months ago at Purple Dragon.

This is JUST what my husband looks like in his swimmers.....

Created by Fred Frety & Daniel Pouzet, two longtime collaborators of DEDON design partner Jean-Marie Massaud, NESTREST was inspired by the shapes, textures and colors found in nature, and by the sophisticated can i buy doxycycline at walmart design of certain bird nests. Model 1 can be fixed to the ground on a rotating base and Model 2 suspended. It creates a wonderful mini-playroom – if you have the space. But can also be used Outdoors….lookey…

Dream on....

I WANT ONE I NEED ONE I HAVE TO HAVE ONE NOW NOW NOW. OK virtual tantrum over. So at a price of from £8,000 from Chaplins (you can get 15% off until end of July) – if you really really like it, I would ditch ‘im indoors and grab yourself a little Olli….

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  1. Roxanne Kemp


    I want one of these for our garden and the next SS shoot!!!

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