Blabla – the last word in kids style

Oh Lordy – now I really know what it feels like to be SLAPPED across the face with LOVE!

Blabla Kids
Toy heaven...

I’ve read about Blabla Kids, I’ve been told about Blabla kids – but until I saw it in the flesh, I didn’t realise quite how BRILLO it really is. Made in Peru by local artisans with deigns inspired by Barbapapa, their creator is French bien sur and lives in Atlanta. OK. Let’s look.

So forget the LEGS IN THE AIR….get baby-ready with this Dream Ring mobile

Blabla Kids
Red Bird Dream Ring

And then….look at these….they are machine washable. Thank the Lord for that, as we all know there is nothing more revolting than what I call ‘an EVIL SMELLER’.

Blabla Kids
Mini Coco - £31
Blabla Kids
Lucky -£38

And you can dress them up with these……soooooo cute!

Blabla Kids
Superhero Costume
Blabla Kids
Bird Dress-up

And there are GIANT ones like this……WANT ONE NEED ONE

Blabla Kids
Giant Peeko
And these cushions…..BREATHE BREATHE
Balbla Kids
Cloud Cushion
Balbla Kids
Moustache Cushion

And OOOOOOOOOH these baby rattles….

Balbla Kids
5 a day rattles

And I’m loving this backpack…

Blabla Kids
Bandit Backpack

And check their little video out. One for the kids too..

I’M SOLD – and so will they be very shortly…available from Huggle. And also directly from Blabla Kids.

NOTE NOTE Huggle do not carry the whole range but will happily get anything in you want. Also note – prices are included where UK price known.

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  1. Helena Amourdedieu



    Thank you for the very nice publication on Blabla Kids!

    I work for the Agence Violette, who is in charge of Blabla Kids.
    Feel free to contact me if you want more information on Blabla Kids or on another client.

    Have a nice day 🙂


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