About Us

Ooooh my favourite bit – all about moi! My name is Suki P. I’ve been blogging about kidswear since May 2011. I launched Kid Style Junkie May 2012.

Well I won’t drone on about pre-motherhood – but I’ve always had a shopping habit and it’s got worse with age. My husband thought he would be clever and suggested that as opposed to actually shopping for things for my kids, I simply write about it. BIG MISTAKE. Now I do both. For you, my beautiful people.

Childrens Fashion Blogger Suzanne Peters

Stylish things for kids is our PASSION! And I’ve built up a following of like-minded people.

Regarding the pieces we write about – it’s OUR way or the virtual highway – we will N.E.V.E.R. write about something we don’t like. Even if we’re paid to do a post. Not even if they offer us a MILLION POUNDS! OK, that would be stupid – but you get the gist.

So there you have it. The blog will be your stylish virtual friend, hold your hand, put it in your wallet and spend your way to a great look – whatever your budget!

You can SUBSCRIBE here and can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, You TubeInstagram and Pinterest. No excuses for a bad look now… Enjoy!