About Us

Ooooh my favourite bit – all about moi! My name is Suki P. I’ve been blogging about kidswear since May 2011. Kid Style Junkie was launched in May 2012.

Well I won’t drone on about pre-motherhood – but I’ve always had a shopping habit and it’s got worse with age. My husband thought he would be clever and suggested that as opposed to actually shopping for things for my kids, I simply write about it. BIG MISTAKE. Now I do both. For you, my beautiful people.

Childrens Fashion Blogger Suzanne Peters

Stylish things for kids is my PASSION! And I have built up a following of like-minded people.

I’m on a mission to rid the world of twee unsightly things! I shall deliver to you a round up of things I think are stylish for kids aged 0-10. We’re talking FASHION (if you don’t know what I mean – you’re not worthy of my typing…); FOOD; SPACES (home accessories, furniture, blah); and FUN (parties, holidays, activities, yada yada).

Regarding the pieces I write about – it’s MY way or the virtual highway - I will N.E.V.E.R. write about something I don’t like. Even if I am paid to do a post. Not even if they offer me a MILLION POUNDS! OK, that would be stupid – but you get the gist.

So there you have it. I will be your stylish virtual friend, hold your hand, put it in your wallet and spend your way to a great look – whatever your budget!

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