Shoot to Brill

So, a few weeks back, we had a photo-shoot with the fabulously talented Julia Boggio. Photographer, Blogger and Mother extraordinaire. She makes me sick! Her photo credit list reads like a who’s who – topped by no less than the Queen at her Jubilee Celebrations. She has shot 30 magazine covers, countless beautiful families, and now… And my stinky little twins. Here is what she did magic’d with us….

Julia Boggio Studios Photo Shoot
Rrrrr...for Roxie
Julia Boggio Studios Photo Shoot
Mmmmmm for Minnie

I had told Julia how well behaved my girls were as they were used to posing for my writing. As the words fell out my mouth, so the pinching, moaning and general naughtiness unfolded. Was rather nolvadex embarrassing. But Julia being the pro she is, sent me off and somehow got the very best out of the girls.

Julia Boggio Studios Photo Shoot
Mother Suckas
Julia Boggio Studios Photo Shoot

The fabulous dresses are by Little Troll  from £36 each – one of the talented emerging designers showcased at SS13 Bubble London.

Shoots with Julia Boggio Studio’s can either take place at their fabuloso boutique studio in Wimbledon or at your choice of location. Studio shoots start from £195. To book an appointment, please phone +44 (0) 20 7042 9777 or visit their website. Also check out her BRILLIANT blog I Carried a Watermelon.

The kids….are not for sale – well, not today anyway….

Anorak TV. TV but not for Anorak’s!

This is one for seriously cool kids. I’m good at sharing like that, see.

Clever mummy Cathy Olmedillas who set up Anorak Magazine 6 years ago has branched out. To those of you who don’t know WHAT ON EARTH I’m droning on about, Anorak Magazine is £6 per issue is made with kids, for kids and it is SUPER fresh and edgy and colourful and cool and wow and I’m jealous it wasn’t my idea! Look here:

Anorak Magazine
Latest Issue of Anorak Magazine

They are already great friends of KSJ and gave us a brilliant guest post Happy Mr Bread Recipe a few weeks back. Now, the genius that is Cathy has been extremely busy. And here’s why! Anorak TV has just been launched!

Check it out…

Aimed at kids aged 5-12 it is visual feast of stuff to entertain, engage and teach. I’m just very umm slightly out of that age range but I have to say, it keeps me busy whist waiting at the school gate – as opposed to chatting to other mums *yawns*

Anorak TV Logo

Best enjoyed from your i this and i that – or any mobile platform for that matter. It’s win win as far as I can see. Kids win, cos they get TELL-AAAAY (my kids cannot say that word without a moany tone…) and parents win cos they get PEACE! What’s not to love.

Featuring demonstrations

It’s content mirrors that of the magazine. Highlights include – EAT STUFF, DRAW STUFF, JOKE OFF, STORIES and a PEEK-A-BOO game.

Draw Stuff

When I chatted to Cathy, she said “Good God woman you look young” OK that bit was a lie. What she really said – about Anorak TV is “It’s happy food for their brains”‘. I feel the same about handbags and shoes…

Make Stuff

I just bought my copy in itunes for 69p BARGAIN I say! It takes a thousand times that price to shut me up for a while! Get busy with it people…..and get them kids busy to create what I call World Peace.


Top 10 British Style at IndiaCoco

Even though my spiritual home is New York, actually..a cross between New York and a paradise island like Bora Bora – I’m very proud to be BRITISH. It has crept up on me that actually Britain is at the pinnacle of fashion. We ain’t followers no more. WE IS LEADERS!

India Coco British Kids Fashion
Yes I am!

And leading the way in championing British Style for kids, is retailer IndiaCoco. For kids aged 0-8 it is awash with British big hitters like No Added Sugar and ilovegorgeous. Set up by Claire Harper who is the former Marketing Director of award winning nursery and fashion retailer Mamas & Papas – this is one mumpreneur who knows the score!

India Coco British Kids Fashion
Check out those twinnies!

AND AND AND Claire has very kindly given us a VOUCHER for £75 to spend at her store! Here’s my TOP 10 of what you can spend it on…..

OK first to baby Girl 0-2 years…

India Coco British Kids Fashion
1. Ava and Luc Butterfly Playsuit £17
India Coco British Kids Fashion
2. No Added Sugar Awarded Dress £49

And then baby boy 0-2 years…..

India Coco British Kids Fashion
3. Frugi Chunky Stripe Cardigan £32
India Coco British Kids Fashion
4. No Added Sugar Tribute Trousers £33

Now girlies ages 2-8 years….

India Coco British Kids Fashion
5. Marmalade&Mash Peter Pan Blouse with Velvet Trim £40
India Coco British Kids Fashion
6. Marmalade&Mash Eliza Dress £53 (get it smaller - shorter = cuter!)
India Coco British Kids Fashion
7. ilovegorgeous Oscar Dress £85 (or £10 if you're the winner!)

And last, but of course not least, boys 2-8 years….

India Coco British Kids Fashion
8. Hatley Vintage Cars Long Sleeve PJ Set £22
India Coco British Kids Fashion
9. No Added Sugar Play the Field Coat £154 (almost half price if you win!)


India Coco British Kids Fashion
10. PPPPPPPick up this Ava and Luc Malibu Blue Pengiun tee £16

To be entered into the draw to win the £75 gift voucher, please SUBSCRIBE  to Kid Style Junkie, if you havent been beautiful or clever enough to do so already! We like to spoil our subscribers. GO ON GET BUSY! You have until Fri 28th September at midnight Cinderella!

Boring but necessary T’s and C’s: The winner will be chosen at random from the list of Kid Style Junkie subscribers. We have one £75 gift voucher to give away. The voucher is electronic.  The winner will be notified via an email on Saturday 29th September 2012. Winners have a maximum of 28 days to claim their prize.

Edible Lego..

Who wants to look super clever? ME! Who wants to make other mums at bake sales cry with jealousy? ME. Well, if you’re anything like ME – you’ll be delighted that ME found a fabulous cookie baking and decorating site called The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle. If you reckon you can bake – it is a wake up call. HELLO, YOU CAN’T!! She is sooooo clever – honestly – it makes me ill. Look….

The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle Lego Cookie Tutorial
Nom nom (stylishly....)

Anyway – I will put that to one side for you, because she has some great tutorials on there and this one caught my eye. I’m very partial to a bit of Lego. Love the pop colours. So combined with my favourite thing in the world…sugar – it’s a no-brainer.

The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle Lego Cookie Tutorial
We'll start at the very beginning....

So to take your cookies from OK to WAHAY – go to The Sweet Adventure of Sugarbelle. Oh and you might want to then go to Sugar Shack for all your necessary bits and bobs. Enjoy!


Top 5 In The Know Kids Outings

The fahhhbulous Ana Potter from Urban Explorer has created a hot list of great places to go in London with kids. Urban Explorer’s mission is to get kids in our cities, exploring more, enjoying more and learning more – without costing the earth. Their weekly newsletter is a treasure trove of ideas. We are rather big fans.

Urban Explorer

Now this ain’t no usual list they’ve given us. No siree. This is a list of secret places that only the FORTUNATE FABULOUS know. And without the kids knowing it – they’re educational!

1. Kids art and architecture classes at Sir John Soane’s Museum

The Sir John Soane’s Museum is a genuine treasure trove of artefacts and curiosities. Soane was the architect of the Bank of England and his former residence houses over 30,000 architectural drawings and antiquities, including works by Turner and Canaletto.

Kids classes at Sir John Soane’s museum are varied but focus on art, craft and architecture. Interesting and unique art workshops are held during holidays and half term. Class numbers are small and kids tour the museum for inspiration before creating their masterpieces. Kids create prints, plaster models, stained glass and dozens of other unique items. There is also a very popular Young Architects Club on weekends for 7-10 year olds and 11-14 year olds.

Sir John Soane’s Museum, 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Bloomsbury, London WC2A 2BP 0207 405 2107

2. Gardening at Chelsea Physic Garden

Founded in 1673, The Chelsea Physic Garden is London’s oldest botanic garden and has a growing collection of over 5,000 different plants. Small but perfectly formed and centrally located in Chelsea, this is a wonderful hidden gem to visit. The workshops for kids are in-depth and genuinely educational, ranging from beginners gardening to learning about mini-beasts and even chocolate workshops. The classes are nice to do together with kids as carers remain throughout and participate. Picnics on the lawn are encouraged during lunch break although the on-site cafe is delicious and highly recommended.

Chelsea Physic Garden, 66 Hospital Road, Chelsea, London SW3 4HS 0207 352 5646

3. Baking at Poilâne

What began as a tiny bakery in Paris in the 1930’s has now become a worldwide sensation stocking the shelves and tables of some of the finest shops and restaurants worldwide. These famed loaves along with biscuits and a small selection of patisserie, are made daily in a tiny London outpost in Belgravia. On most weekday mornings, the bakers will take kids (over 6 years old) into the heart of the bakery to see how the bread is created from scratch, they may even get to sample some goodies fresh out of the oven. Ring the day before to check for spaces.

Poilâne 46 Elizabeth Street, Belgravia, London SW1W 9PA 0207 808 4910

4. Creative writing at the Ministry of Stories

Set up by a small group of writers including Nick Hornby, the MoS is an centre for creative writing for kids aged 8-18 years old. It is run by volunteer writers to inspire kids and help them explore their imaginations through writing and storytelling. They host regular workshops, book clubs and events including opportunities to interview locals, photograph and write articles for local papers. There is also a very well designed, very cool Monster Supplies Shop stocking an array of wonderfully disgusting items that will tempt any child in purely through irresistible curiosity – a great place to stock up for Halloween.

Ministry of Stories, 159 Hoxton Street, Shoreditch, London N1 6PJ  0207 729 4159

5. Pottery Cafe

This is a friendly shop within which lays a treasure trove of pottery waiting to be personalised and taken home to enjoy. The mugs, teapots and huge selection of items to paint make wonderful mementos as a gift for father’s day, a special friend or grandparent, and it is suitable for creative’s of any age – from teeny baby hand prints on a mug to intricate paintings.

We love that Pottery Cafe use Emma Bridgewater raw pottery pieces (the mugs are the nicest to drink from and a perfect size). Children enjoy painting, leaving their creations behind and collecting them a few weeks later all shiny and beautiful; just like from the shop, only better.

Pottery Cafe, 153 Northcote Road, Battersea, SW11 6QB (several locations) 020 7223 3388

So, now you can look like the best parent on earth, who’s the most fun and takes their kids to the BEST places. And all whilst teaching them a thing or two – thanks to the fabulous Urban Explorer. Enjoy!