Get a bit of 3D action

Not in the cinema darlings. This isn’t Time Out. But on your walls! Look here.

3D Walldecor Moonscape Panel
Oooooooooh - I love a bit of texture

I saw these Bamboo panels by 3D Walldecor and thought they would look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. on a wall in a kids space. Playroom? Bedroom? Den? This style (my fave) is called Moonscape.

3D Walldecor Moonscape Panel
Spot on!

They are simply glued onto a wall and then, if desired, can be painted with normal wall paint to become any colour – I’m seeing primary colours to get a bit of a LEGO LOOK goin’ on.

3D Walldecor Moonscape Panel
Here's another pattern, painted.

So guyzies, let’s start a movement….I’m SOOOOO over the flat wallpaper thing! Panels are 46cm sq and each box contains 10 panels (covering 2.1m sq) and costs £70 plus VAT. Available from B.Brown.

A Choco Cookie Fix

Having had a bout of gastroenteritis and just being allowed to start eating again, bland bland, yawn yawn – I find myself very drawn to food blogs. Right now, I would eat ANYTHING! I’m fantasising about food like men fantasise about…erm. I need SATISFACTION. And I think I found it in yet another great bake by the fabulous Bakerella. Look here….

Bakerella Choc Chip Cookies
I'm having a FOODGASM right now!

Breathe that my heavy breathing? The recipe is by Jacques Torres from a US show called The Chew. Well chew on these baby – look what’s inside…

Bakerella Choc Chip Cookies
Oh..Lordy, its a MULTIPLE foodgasm...

A chocolate slap right across the face! I need to cool off.

Bakerella will take it from here and show you what you need, and what to do to create these deliciousnesses.

All images are courtesy of Bakerella.


New Season..New Reason..(to shop..)

Now those of you that know me know that me loves a bargain. A designer bargain. And EVEN BETTER, a bargain that LOOKS designer. So for you, my lovelies I have trawled high street and bring to you a round up of precisely that! New season High Street pieces that look designer.

Like Isabel Marant? LOVE Zara Kids. Check this fringed poncho. Piece! £22.99.

Zara Kids Fringed Poncho

I love this grey Dolly Collar top by Next. Looks super Marni – but costs £10.50-£15.50. W.I.N.N.E.R!

Girls Dolly Collar Top Next

Maybe wear it with this.  I love this skater skirt by Gap Kids. Very Little Marc Jacobs. Very good price. £14.95. Little tip. Get it smaller, so it’s more mini and much more cute!

Pleated denim mini skirt Gap Kids

Partial to a bit of Cavalli action? Check these River Island leopard print DM’s. I predict a riot! £22.

River Island Girls Leopard Print Boot

Rykiel Enfant is a fave brand of mine. I like it far more – for far less. H&M have delivered at £5.99 with this.

H&M girls jersey stripe motif top

And now – dem boys. I know it’s hard to imagine it being buy doxycycline dogs really really cold – but before you know it, it will be. And this boys puffa jacket from Zara Kids is just the ticket! D&G eat yer heart out!

Boys Tri Colour Puffa Zara Kids

I’m rather partial to a bit of Burberry. And there’s more than a bit of Prorsum in this H&M jacket. Time for me to birth a boy! £29.99.

H&M Kids Boys Jacket

These boys belted skinny chino’s smack me across the face and say Ralph Lauren and then whisper – from Debenhams! By Rocha. John Rocha £18-22.

Rocha. John Rocha boys belted chinos Debenhams

Go all Gucci on him with this chunky knit hooded jumper by COS €29.

COS Hooded Jumper

And last but not least – these boys broguey Prada-looking shoes would jazz up any boring old outfit! Wear with a long, skinny, rolled up jean. Divine! From H&M £12.99.

So, darlings. Don’t say I don’t give you anything. With the savings you’ll make on designer kids clothes – you can buy yourself a faaahhhbulous new season handbag. Now that’s what I call added value!

A Creepy Crawly Songbook

Now I can go all cultured on myself you know. My twins are going to be the next  first great identical twin singers. We will show the world that identical twins dont have be be tarts (Cheeky Girls) or look like twats (Jedward). They will be COOOOOOOOL. I’m helping them on their way with this book…The Creepy Crawly Songbook.

A Creepy Crawly Songbook

It’s by Carl Davis a very well known composer/conductor who’s won a BAFTA and collaborated with Paul McCartney and and and, I like it! It features poems and songs all about creepy crawlies. My favourite is is about the one thing in life I dread the most – more than winkles – LICE!

A Creepy Crawly Songbook

I think it’s going to give us the edge.

A Creepy Crawly Songbook

£8.99 from Amazon. So there you have it. We are on the road…

Back to School Chapter 2 – Accessories

OK – so you have the bag. Now to complete the look. Let us have a look at some cool accessories – I’m talking pencil cases and lunch boxes. Off we go….

I’m liking this sequined number from Gap. Gives lunch bit more pizazz! £10.95.

Gap Sequin Lunchbox
Jealous-making shininess

Holy cow, this lunch box from De Kuntsboer is smooth! €12.

De Kuntsboer Kids Lunch Box

I love this Goodbyn Bynto lunch box from Alex and Alexa £17. Compartmentalised. Customisable. You may have read that I do so love a bit of Bento action.

Goodbyn Bento Lunch Box Alex and Alexa
Don't eat blue food - but a blue lunch box is cool!

These snack boxes from Paperchase add a bit of Harajuku love to a meal!£7.

Candy Kingdom Set of Lunchboxes
This set's a sure bet!

So that’s to snazz up lunch. Now onto housing our pencils and things! I love this Coq en Pate pencil case. €12.50.

Coq en Pate Pencil Case
Warning could cause envy....

And this is nostalgic-chic pencil case. Love. Wu & Wu from Alex and Alexa £12.

Wu and Wu Pencil Case Alex and Alexa
Sweet Deer Pencil Case

PIECE. GIANT Candy Kingdom pencil case by Paperchase £6.75.

Paperchase Giant Candy Kingdom Pencilcase
The bigger the better!

And their Dino Army one is a winner too. So’s the price! £5 Paperchase.

Paperchase Dino Army Pencilcase

So there you go my lovelies. I have finished styling them up for school. It’s time to say bye bye to the kids and hello to some freedom! Enjoy!