Get on Top of the Pops!

No darlings, we’re not going time travelling. I’m talking about CAKE POPS. Those delicious balls of yum that never fail to excite.

And because I love you guys and want everyone to think you are a baking GENIUS, I’m sharing with you this fantastic cake pop tutorial by our friend and jealous-making baker extraordinaire Bakerella. It only takes a few minutes to watch, but ’tis a skill for a lifetime….and one day, you could buy doxycycline tablets make these….

Bakerella Cake-Pop Tutorial
Don't be sheepish - watch and learn!

Just don’t sue me, if you eat too many and your clothes don’t FIT! Enjoy!

NOTE: For all your decoration bits and bobs try The Cake Decorating Company.

Oooooh Fruity

So here’s my thought process. Summer. Holiday. Bikini. S**T. Diet. Fruit. YES – lets write a post about fruit inspired kids clothes and homes accessories! Let’s go….

Fruity Kids Fashion round-up
Sometimes shopping is good for you....

Cherry cushion by Soft Gallery from Mimi’s Circus €60.17.

Cherry Cushion by Mimi's Circus
Cherry Cushion by Mimi's Circus

Check out this bedside light – Snow White – eat your heart out! £35 from Feather & Black.

Apple light Feather and Black
Apple light Feather & Black

This Marizio Galante designed Tattoo Pouffe is a design classic. It is roughly £570 from Cerruti Baleri. OK OK so not cheap but, oh an apple a day and all that…..

Marizio Galante Tattoo pouffe
An apple (pouffe) a day...

I really want to launch myself onto this fabulous Pear beanbag. From Premium Shoppen around 800 Swedish Krona – which is about £72.

Pear Pouffe
Pear Pouffe

This pineapple playsuit By Mini Rodini from Sparkle and Spin is a piece! And at £24 in the sale – fresh!

Mini Rodini Pineapple Playsuit
Mini Rodini Pineapple Playsuit

This fruity Bee mac by Stella McCartney Kids is bang on. And in the sale! £79.20.

Girls Bee Raincoat by Stella McCartney Kids
Girls Bee Raincoat by Stella McCartney Kids

This boys Max tee is also by Stella McCartney Kids and is £17.40 in the sale.

Stella McCartney Max Tee Shirt
Stella McCartney Max Tee Shirt

So there you go folks. At Kid Style Junkie – we like to make sure you get your 5 a day! Enjoy!




Good Hair Days

Now let’s just face facts. You can have the best shoes, the best clothes and the best accessories – but if the hair is BAD  – the whole lot’s a let down. And if you’re anything like me – at this point, there will be some kind of TANTRUM….

Cute Girl Hairstyles
And that's JUST what I do!

But the same needn’t apply to your levitra kids. People, as part of my responsibility to help style your offspring, watch this super-simple video tutorial and then it will be Daniel Galvin eat yer heart out! Courtesy of Cute Girl Hairstyles, I present The Double Twist Back.

Cute Girls Hairstyles
The Double Twistback!

And here’s how….

So no excuses for a bad hair day now….get those hands busy!

Get yourself sale savvy..

Sharpen up those elbows ladies and gentlemen, SALES SEASON is upon us. And because I’m in a really good mood, I’m going to save you time by giving you my TOP 10 SALES PEICES. But whoa there nelly! This ain’t no ordinary sales round-up. Oh no siree. Here at Kid Style Junkie – we like to take that EXTRA STEP of style.

Top 10 Kids Fashion Sale Picks
Oh yeh!

Being the fashionista I am, I know all about AUTUMN/WINTER 2012 TRENDS – so my picks are things that will see you through NEXT SEASON too. And in my world, that nicely JUSTIFIES you maybe sending that leetle bit MORE….

Let’s get down to business…. I love this boys paint splatter V front cardigan By Junior Gaultier at Childrenssalon. And at £52 – it’s a piece. And black is a key colour for next season people.

Junior Gaultier

These Bikembergs hi-tops just work for Autumn/Winter. Cool. £66.50 from AlexandAlexa. These feed nicely into the ‘street’ trend in kidswear this season.

Bikembergs Hi-tops

Get the whole embellishment trend licked with this dress by Dino et Lucia is a piece. Half price at £75.50 from alexandalexa.

Dino et Lucia dress

This Miller long sleeved boys Fox tee by Miller from Elias&Grace £21. Garnet red is a huge colour for next season as are stripes.

Garnet red stripe tee

Animal motifs are always huge in kidswear, and they are again this Autumn/Winter. I’m not a huge fan – unless they are quirky – like this tee by Morley from EliasandGrace£26.60. Layer it up with a cardi.

Bunny bun bun

Opulence is another trend – into which this River Dress neatly fits. Layer up with tights, baseball boots and a denim jacket and you’re ready to rock and roll. £61.50 from ilovegorgeous.

River Dress

Fur-lined Bensimon tennis shoes work brilliantly into the whole preppy trend going on next season. £22 from Little Fashion Gallery.

Bensimon tennis shoes from Little Fashion Gallery

Military is back AGAIN so this shirt is a real winner to take you through to the next season…by Finger in the Nose at Little Fashion Gallery £37.

Little Fashion Gallery
Finger in the Nose Shirt

This Inez Rain Coat by the beautiful Pale Cloud will stylishly get you through the dreary, wintry rain of summer – and next season. £55 from Pale Cloud.

Pale Cloud Inez Raincoat
This sits nicely within the Mini Minimalist trend of the new season.

And lastly I love this Cayleigh silk shirt also by Pale Cloud. I would dress it down with faded jeans and baseball boots. £65 Pale Cloud. This works with the Luxe (hate that word!) Looks trend. Bring a bit of opulence into their lives…

Pale Cloud Cayleigh Shirt
Pale Cloud Cayleigh Shirt

So there you have it guyzies. I didn’t bother with the high street for this one. This is a time for TREATS……I mean afterall, your children are an extension of you….

PS I have fabulous DISCOUNTS coming up in the next few months from some of these brands and many many others. Sign-up to my newsletter for this and MORE MORE MORE!



Get Baking it – not Faking it..

Maybe you’re a faker? Lord knows I am. Get’s him off my back, stops him nagging at me. And it only costs money. OH, I see where your dirty minds are going with that. This ain’t 50 Shades of Grey! I’m talking about BUYING cakes over actually baking them! *rolls extremely large and long eye-lashed eyes heavenward*

So let’s stop faking. Here’s the REAL cheap doxycycline uk deal that you, yeh YOU could whip up!

Sweetapolita Baking Tutorial
Chocolate Pastel Swirl Cake

And here’s how. Our baking genius friend Sweetapolita has devised a video tutorial, that shows you, very simply, how to make this look so beautiful. Have a look..

Now for the ingredients and method visit Sweetapolita. Then get baking and showing off…..and stop reading those naughty books!