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Top 5 Presents for the Royal Baby

A new Royal Baby shall be born this week. I’m almost feeling a bit sorry for the World leaders, other Royals, family and friends who probably have no idea as to what to buy the new Royal It. Let’s assume here that Prince George, like any other big brother or sister, will not be willing to share – so let’s go back to basics. Here are my top 5 suggestions for baby presents fit for our new tiny royal…..

1. My first pressie is PRICEY so I’d suggest it’s really only relevant for Charles and Camilla, the Middletons or maybe a Saudi Price or Two. If anyone knows them – please pass it on. A cot for £31,540. Mmmm.. I wonder what better use you could put that money to! Suommo

Dodo Bassinet Gold Edition by Suommo Read More…

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Toucan play at that game..

Move over Toucan Sam there is a new Toucan in town! Toucan Sam prides himself on being able to smell out Kellogg’s Fruit Loops from a great distance but has he sniffed out Anatology‘s new range?

kelloggs froot loops

Anatology have yet again designed the most gorgeous and realistic animal graphic prints for their new Toucan range.

toucan range

Due to launch in May, the range includes bibs, blankets, sleeping bags and cushions. They have even added lamps. And they are fab..each one has three different sides 250€. Let’s look… Read More…

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Mummy and Me – Marching Band

Band-camp is a phrase I associate with the American Pie movies. But let me tell you – today that look is hot hot HOT for the new season. And we are going to show you how to get the look for you, and for your little girl. Let’s go!

First up, it would be rude not to start with the Ladies – it’s us first afterall. And what could be better than a bit of Saint Laurent? OK – we can dream…Cropped Wool Blazer £2,565 My Theresa.

Womens and Kids Military Fashion Style Saint Laurent Stella McCartney (1)

The GREAT news is even if we can’t do it for us (because who can at that price?) – we can get that look for our girls for a lot less thanks to this Mel Majortette All in One £87 by Stella McCartney Kids.

Womens and Kids Military Fashion Style Saint Laurent Stella McCartney (2)

So quick march guys and get busy with this trend.

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Sing me a lullaby

For those of us who are tone deaf… singing sweet lullabies to our newborns is not a pretty sound! That’s where the music box comes in..it’s perfect for playing them a night night tune to fall asleep to that’s bearable to listen to. Here are my faves depending on your music taste:

1. If you are a fan of Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong and Simon And Garfunkel then this retro cushion by Les Petit Vintage €40 is just your thing. Charming designs and all hand-made.

les petit vintage Read More…

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